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Aarde is the name of The World, an earthy globe bound to the great flame called Sl in the void-birthed realm of n. Among it's many names in many tongues it is given Gaea, Uwa, Yam, and also Kxm, As far as anyone can tell, the surface of the world is covered primarily in Water (known as "Aqua" by the M'moata).

...But speaking of "globes" is dubious when we play a role in a society still arguing if the solid earth beneath us is flat, or bent, and held up, maybe, by an infinite ladder of tortoises - and thus argue it does indeed. The hour being late in the Year of Vapors, 844 AW, the borders of the Known World do not extend very far, and only one landmass is known to exist: that which is inhabited in it's aust-most nether-regions by the sentient creatures of Man-kind - the continent of Hithervard or the "Hither Land".

Other continents are rumoured to exist:

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