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Ancient History

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The truly ancient history of Tormentosa is lost to all but the most well-researched and well-positioned inhabitants of the Aust of the World. As far as is commonly accepted, the end of the Dark Times of The Wrath 844 years ago heralded the beginning of recorded history.

The Five Lost Treasures

The oldest tales of the beginnings of the world and the rise of the multifarious races of men: the gnomes, halflings and dwarves; and that of the elves, are held to have once been recorded in five great Books of mlando. Four of these great works came from the Lost North: The Word derived from the Scrolls of the Sea of the Dead; The Recitation, also called the Book of Es-el-hym, derived from multiple ancient sources in the east; the Book of Lhim-light and The Red Book are said to have come from from the west. The last of these ancient tomes was made at the Ever-end of the World, the Austlands, and was called Gather, My Children. The latter was said to have been authored by The Outcast, Vushmazhl, a renowned Witch-doctor and lore-master who broke the vows of his order to document the ancient histories of the Bhantr of old.

These five treasures, if they indeed once existed, have been lost to the history that they presumably contained. Sages prone to dramatics maintain that many copies were destroyed in the great battles in the nordh in olden times, when the clash of nations and religions is said to have incinerated the wealth and wisdom of the Ages in the fire of 1000 suns.

These days rumours abound, debated over ale-house tables by curious part-time scholars of the past, paricularly in history-hording Adamastorshire. There one can overhear half-believed musings on the supposed contents of the private collections of local noblemen, academy masters and the distant Elves of the East.

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