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Dark Time

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The Dark Time, the unrecorded final years of The Wrath and the first years of the expansion of Westfold civilization remembered by the earliest news-scrolls; the years before Kings returned to lead the people. This difficult but hopeful time was a turning point for a shattered civilization, as the light of recovery shined through the shadows of a forgotten past.

Official lore has it that the Dark Time came to an end on 1 AW, when the first ragged news-scroll set out from one small outpost to it's nearest neighbours, and the co-operation of the sundered peoples began anew. The darkness of illiteracy begun to retreat, and from this reference point and paper-trail, began the New Calendar of the Aust and the great struggle to re-build the nations of the Austfolk.

Of course, such formalizations do not do history justice: the Dark Times did not became suddenly bright.

The Dark Time was a time of wanting, but also of growth in the strength of man. The great Histories of the Lost Realms of Old? were scattered to the four winds, records were no longer kept while people struggled with the greater duties of survival in a bleak world.

Luckily, the arcane arts of writing survived in protected enclaves, and the collecting and teaching of important knowledge was not wholly abandoned, and was supported (and corrupted) by the flexible fabric of a culture of oral story-telling.

Though the safely recorded history of the Aust is not very voluminous, and not nearly comprehensive, students of arcane lore can still find precious stores of knowledge if they know where to look, and who to ask.

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