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Deities Religion And Mythology

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Here follows lore concerning the deities, religions and mythologies known to the people of the Austland. The religious and mythological systems of the Austfolk are roughly divided into four groups, and there is some level of cross-over in the elements of each. Additionally, local variations in folkore and custom are everywhere to be found.

Of the Endhro

The Endhro are worshippers of the pantheon of n, Paramount Chief of All, God of the Heavens and particularly, the Sun, but they also have a deep reverence for the spirits of their ancestors, who perhaps have a greater overall influence over their day-to-day lives than even the One.

Of n, many followers perceive a duality: the Light Father and the Dark Father - two abstractions or personalities collaborating and competing in the ongoing creation of the world. The implications of Light and Dark in these personages are both a subject of scholarly debate and a practical and powerful force in shaping social discourse. The relationships between the elements at play are complex and multi-layered, with aspects of Good and Evil, Law and Chaos and even the histories of tribal-ancestral skin pigment come into play.

Of Gnomes and Halflings

The Gnonym and Olbytla maintain related traditions of nature-centric lore, in which powers such as the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and the Wind interact to drive the state of the world. As with the Endhro, something like ancestor worship does have it's place. Particular animals, like the Mantis and the Tortoise, hold powerful positions as mover and shakers of the world. Some of the more fragmented legends contain tales of colossal serpents of divine power, in particular Kouteign-Koorou, the Master of the Water, who, thrashing and twisting in his escape from ancient Gnomish heroes who hunted him, carved the great gorges of the Ai'ais Canyon.

Of the Dwarves

The dwarves are widely known to be totally inscrutable when it comes to their religious rites and beliefs. The dwarrows are not very forthcoming in all matters, those of faith least of all, but it is generally held that they worship a vague figure said to have created them, a master of crafts and worker of stone. They also revere a legendary anti-hero named Od who they maintain played a part in the saving of the last survivors of the First Men.

Of the Elves

The religious beliefs of the elves are possibly even more unfathomable than those of the dwarves. Most interaction between elves and the other races takes the form of simple, but mutually beneficial trade, and in some quarters elvish bards and artists are welcomed at social gatherings (and there held in awe and not a little fear). Unfortunately however, the vast intellectual and societal chasm that separates elvendom from the world of mortals ensures that complex moral and philosophical debate between races is usually stillborn of frustration.

Magic and Art are the driving forces of Elven civilization, and the talents and faculties of this mysterious world are what the average elf worships, for lack of a better word.

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