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Devil Peak

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Devil Peak is a tall eastern peak of the Horror Crag mountains, called also the Windy Mountain or Howling Head for it's blustery slopes. It is one of the major peaks on Tormentosa Island that is easily visible from the mainland, and is joined to the rest of Echoriath chain by a large saddle feature.


This tall, somewhat conical mountain, whose summit is eternally wreathed in cloud, joins other high peaks of Tormentosa in the inscrutability of their summits. Nobody knows or could guess exactly how tall the mountain is.

The slopes of Devil Peak run down to the sea on two sides, and a large prominence called Miner's Peak rises out of it's nordhern face. The Blackwood forest clings to it's eastern slopes near Clauhnearu and the pines of Deerhaven cluster at the foot of it's nordh-western side.

In the center of the eastern face of the peak, about half-way up the cliffside, is a large overhang and cavern entrance, easily visible from a distance, called by Campsiters the Bloodstock Cave, but known to the elves as the the Caverns of Count Wdu.

Above Freecorner?, on the nordhern side of the mountains, where the upward-turning grassy slopes reach the base of cliffs of Opal Ridge, a series of caves and ancient tombs can be seen, known as the The Devil's Tombs, accompanied by a large entrance to a cavern known as Taga. A cave-like overhand called Twelve Hour Hole is nearby.



The Freecorner Bandits? make their home base in a dwarf hovel and mine taken over by Ninseb-Har? from petty dwarves, that he discovered hiding inside Bloodstock Cave, on the nordh-eastern slopes.

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