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Dwarves (whose ancient fore-fathers, the Dwarves Of Der, were named long ago the Baal-Un or Bjaar-Un by the First Men) are a diminutive but stout race of heavy-bearded men-folk that are known for being great miners, masons and craftsman. These pale, rough-skinned folk name themselves the Ukujamaal or Der-Yn, and are known colloquially by other races as the "Longbeards" or Dwarrows (for "dwarf" is considered by the Ukujamaal to be something of a perjorative.

Image: a young dwarf caver - a Mountain Dwarf, it seems, from his pale features. It will not take very many years of hard mining to line his face with the dusty weight of his perilous underground existence, and his visage will have become much more representative of his kin.

Dwarves are well known for being a hardy people, stoic and fearless, but also gruff and untrusting. The Endhro call them "stone-men" and the elves name them "Caledrim" - "the hard and stony people", people that they say emerged from the living rock itself. Many dwarven tale-tellers will confirm this origin story. The Longbeards are renowned for being skilled appraisers of handiwork, with eyes that glint to the tell of gold, but many also label them quick to anger, greedy, and Heavy Drinkers.

Over the millenia, the Dwarves have split into two main tribes or sub-species: The first of these is the Hli or Hill Dwarves (also called sometimes River Dwarves), which are the most common in the Seventh Age). Then there are the rare and lonely Mountain Dwarves (also named "Deep Dwarves?" or "Deurgar?"), rough and ragged independent miners who venture far from civilized lands searching for valuable ores. They are seldom found in urban areas unless in town to trade their winnings extracted from the roots of the mountains.

Other dwarven sub-species and isolated clans are sometimes spoken of, such as the legendary Eloko?, the Forest Dwarves?.

The Dwarven individuals now living and working in Tormentosa are not the original builders of the many fine dwarven constructions a traveller can find scattered about the lands, which have lain now in ruin for thousands of years. The original dwarrow-delvers of the Aust are thought to have gone extinct or were wiped out (some lore-men will say by Men from the North when they first traveled by vessel to these lands so remote from their own).

It is less well-known that a not insignificant number of dwarf families maintain an unusual tradition of accounts that the ancient dwarf-fathers descended from a jungle-people who transitioned to their commonly accepted mountain existence after being displaced by destruction of their forest homes, but this might simply be the integration into the dwarven mythology of experiences of regions that they passed through during their ancient periods of migration.


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