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Elves (who call themselves M'moata) are a beautiful race of man-like creatures, generally tall and slender of body. These graceful beings are light on their feet, lovers of music, art and magic, and capable of fantastic feats of mind and skill. While appearing outwardly similar in form to the races of men, their habits, politics, motivations and lifestyles are very far removed from the trials and tribulations of men-folk. Many elves have supple skin that can shift it's hue on a whim, and as far as any can see, elven individuals are immortal, and cannot die unless slain.

Elves have far-reaching senses of sight, smell and touch, and some say they do not ever really sleep. These great natural gifts, and the visible success of elven society has led to a certain aloofness, with many individuals (and indeed entire family-lines) growing arrogant.

The M'moata are a divided people, harbouring many strained relationships among tribes. The only times they might be unified in purpose and outlook are when members of a "lower" race are in their combined presence. Indeed, their aloofness amongst mortals has garnered elves a reputation for being haughty and self-regarding, leading to their being named "Nkabi" ("people who are full of themselves") behind their backs.

In general, tribal tensions amongst the various elven clans do not often lead to any kind of violence or warring, but a considerable level of distrust and political sparring is ever-present.

Some sages say that elves known as Deep Elves? once lived in great underground halls in the fashion of dwarves? (and sometimes built in collaboration with them) but these are lost or extinct. The elves that remain are Forest Elves?, or Sylvan Elves?, that build beautiful cities in amongst the branches of the tallest trees, deep in the woods. Elves, like men, tend to prefer their own company and seldom collaborate in business or pleasure.

Sometimes one will hear Elven bards sing of the Ancient Elves, the Rvh, Ylve or Al-bhar, a mythical race of godlike perception and great magic said to be the long-fathers of the Elves of the East, who once fought titanic battles against evil long ago. Certain elven lords are quick to associate themselves with these legends, but the true history of Elf-kind is generally held rather closely to elven chest (if indeed it has been reliably recorded at all - some of the tales are rather fanciful), and not many Lore-masters of the West will attest to comprehensive knowledge.


The generally accepted "capital" of elven kind in the Aust of the World is Eisenor of Eden, a coastal forest city far to the East of the Westfold Sovereignty.




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