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The Endhro are the race of tall, medium-brown-skinned men-folk that primarily inhabit the Westfold Sovereignty. They are descended from a mix of the many divergent tribes of the ancient Bhntrim, who in small groups apparently spread wide over the lands in the times before The Wrath.

In the sketchier and more ancient tales recounted by lore-masters it is told that after many ages (but still many thousands of years ago), disparate ancient cultures developed separated by geography, that showed exotic variations in size, stature, and hue of skin and hair.

But that was in the unremembered past, before the many disasters that have befallen the the inhabitants of the Hitherlands over the Ages. In these difficult times, when the hosts of men have been whittled to so few, ensuring survival has meant a necessary mixing of the races and this has slowly evened out the obvious differences between bloodlines, leaving most inhabitants medium-brown of skin, and dark-brown to black of hair.

Indeed reactions of the average inhabitant of the Aust to those with blue eyes or light coloured tresses range from curious awe to blind fear. Those Endhro with very dark or very pale skin are presumed in many cases to be cloistered in-breds, or thought to be some elvish trickster or spy, leading to unfortunate discrimination in such rare cases.

These particular social issues do not arise amongst the elves however, the individuals of which display a remarkable range of skin tones, and due to the amazing and mysterious ability (gifted to only a few) of being able to change their skin colour at will, rather like the Chameleon, or 'Mwaba'. This behaviour evokes great fear in the men-folk to whom that creature is anathema.

Other groups of men, whose hosts number far less than those of the Elves or the Endhro, and whose evolutionary paths took very different routes (seemingly due to the various methods that each group employed to survive The Wrath), but are still considered to be derived ultimately from the Bhntr include the Gnomyn (the Gnomes), the Olbytla (the Halflings) and the Bjaar-Un (the Dwarf).


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