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Ever-end Of The World

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The Ever-end of the World is the Known World of Cafrria, the Aust-reaches of Hither Land, known to a few as the Ancient Realm of Engurru, after it's legendary Aust-most city, Engur, now long lost to the Ages.

The wide realm of the dark and ancient continent of Hitherland (properly named Hithervard) contains many wonderful and mysterious places and things, mostly unexplored and undiscovered. Comprehensive knowledge of the lie of the land of the Aust has been reserved for a number of geographically-dispersed sage-masters of highly disparate natures, who oft feel it best to keep this kind of valuable lore to themselves, for both pleasure and profit. Nonetheless some have found themselves bound to the ongoing service of various lords of the realms, recording their knowledge into large tomes that contribute to the education of the broodlings of nobility and wealthy mercantiles.

If one was lucky enough to have a short conversation with one of these gruff old lore-keepers, or even better, entertain a (very unlikely) chat with one of the Royal Cartographers of the Westfold, one could hope to extract a general description or wide overview of the lands as envisioned by his considered mind, and it might go like this:

The land of Hithervard is a vast canvas of variety, enchanting beauty and perilous danger. The canvas is framed by two tumultuous and storm-wracked coasts, thousands of miles in length, long-shattered by aeons of wind, waves and salty spray. These two coasts converge from unknown realms in the far nordh-west and the nordh-east, forming a wide prong of land in the shape of an austward-pointing upside-down triangle or "V", that forms the Known World, the home of Men and Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves and Halflings.

Civilized pockets of slowly-expanding habitation can be found all along (but always slightly in-land of) these long and broken beaches and cliffs of the Ever-end of the World, from the misty desert strands of the West Coast, past the Land of Needles (those final projections of land that sunder the Atalantean Ocean from the Ocean of Iadin in the furthest Aust), and then far along the nordhward-turning coastal forests of the Kingdom of Eden in the Far East. All the wide, barren spaces beyond the Borderlands to the nordh are known as the Oorach Wastes, or the Worak, and beyond that endless desert lies the Lost North.

While there are fertile, rain-soaked and forested lands all along the coasts, the inland regions of the continent are barren, rocky deserts of mesas and buttes, divided up by steep escarpments and never-ending salt pans. All the wide lands to the nordh are forgotten and unmapped, being largely impassable for their terrible heats and lack of water.

Men of many tribes, elves noble and wild alike, and also ancient families of dwarves and halflings have been living in the Aust of the world for all of remembered history, which is maybe not a good measure, as that history does not stretch very far into the past. Yet people have been here long. Evidence abounds: behold the many ruined remnants of ancient constructions that still dot the mountainous lands and perilous shores, that if the tales are anything to go by, are packed full of hidden treasures and artifacts - attesting not just to the existence of ancient peoples, but also to many changes of habitation and culture.


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