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The lands and oceans of Tormentosa are found at the "Ever-end of the World": the shores, plains and mountains of the Aust-reaches of the Hither Lands. A place varied, beautiful, and perilous indeed...


The Aust Realms of Hithervard are not well charted. The best map yet made of the Known World, the priceless artifact known as the "Map of the End of the World", now a hallowed treasure of the Westfold Sovereignty, was said to have been drawn by The Ancient Mariner, a man who built and sailed a vessel on the sea long ago, a feat no man has performed for many years.

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The Known World consists of the Aust and East of a single continent: Hithervard, or more commonly the Hither Land. Knowledge of what lies beyond these reaches is lost:

There are also many mythical and legendary lands of Aarde contained in common folk tales:

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The known oceans of Aarde:

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Some notable islands of Tormentosa are:

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Mythical Realms

The Final Destination

McKracken's Band has washed up on the forested Eastern shores of Tormentosa Island.

Of key importance in our tales are the two forested and mountainous land-masses of the Tormentosa island chain, the aust isle (or "south island" in rougher speech) is known as Storm Finger, the "Horn of Tempests"; while the nordh isle is the mist-veiled Tormentosa itself, named by many the "Horror Crag" after the precipitous mountain that defines it's being. McKracken's Band will be the first group of sanctioned adventurers from the mainland Hithervard to set foot on the islands.

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