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The Gnomyn, (Gnomes or Quyi), are a short race of Elf-like folk of light build, dark hair and yellow-brown skin that, due to their years in the baking sun of the Aust of Kalagaer, wrinkles early in life. Gnomes have bright, twinkling eyes with keen sight to match. Because of their height and leanness, individuals of other races often think them half-elves of smaller-than-usual stature or possibly tall Nsini, while others argue that these misconceptions are due to a mysterious, ancient and forgotten ancestry.

It is told that the Gnomes were given their name (meaning Of Knowing) from the Endhro survivors of the The Wrath, many of whom became dependent on the Quyi for their deep knowledge of the barren wilds, into which all the peoples of the earth in that time had been thrust.

Gnomes can live long lives, and older individuals are therefore often highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, traders, artists and magicians.

Many gnome tribes speak one of the various Alv? dialects found in the nordh and also spoken in some valleys of Eden in the east.

The descendants of the two ancient Gnome Tribes? of the Sun and Moon who once lived on the now-barren plains of Kalagaer claim that they inhabited the region for 25,000 years before it got too hot to survive in. The Gnomes of the Sun? were nomadic hunter-gatherers, and The Gnomes of the Moon? were cattle herders.

All Gnomes of ancient times were skilled archers, hunting wild animals using poisonous arrows, and they ranged widely gathering edible plants, such as berries, melons and nuts, as well as certain insects for sustenance. The gnomes rarely drink water as they get most of their water requirements from plant roots and desert melons that they find buried under the sands. The eggshells of the Austrunner? (a large, flightless terror-bird) are used to store water. Today many Gnomyn still partake of this lifestyle: living in the wild, scantily-covered, unshod, but masters of their chosen environment. Others have integrated successfully into the foreign cultures of the Endhro, Olbytla and even the Elves, taking positions everywhere in the spectrum of society, from low to high.

The languages of the Wild Gnomes?, called the Alv? tongues - corrupted as they have become over the deeps of time - are notable for a number of distinctive features, including a variety of click consonants, some of which still feature here and there in the speech of more integrated families.

These desert people live in huts built from local materials. The frames are made of branches, and the roof is thatched with long grass. Some Bhntir-descended tribes such as the Khala-kudhi?, Herru? and a small number of Anglekin? settlers also live in the Borderlands, austward of their territories of old, which for most part are now become a baked, pathless land of thirst.

The Gnomes have a rich and varied mythology, full of strange beast-lords and wise shaman. Many a young Gnome, set on heroic hunting and adventuring, secretly dreams of discovering the ancient hollows of the Jagged Vault, said to contain a library of ancient tomes containing lore of the Gnomes of the Sun.

Tribal sub-races

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