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Guild Of nans

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The Guild of nans is a long-running trade guild of importance (and great irritation) to the bardic world of griots and historical scribes. They are the proclaimed Collectors of Anansesem (some would say "self-proclaimed"). Within the ranks of the organization are some important nobles of the Endhro tribes, and also many Hli courtiers of the Hermes Hills.

For a long while now the guild has been claiming, with some success, a confusing sort of provenance over all legendary tales, historical writings and the dissemination of lore, based primarily on a divine right passed to them through their connections with the Church of nans whose patron patron deity, nans, is the tale-weaving spider, the "owner of all stories". Their further justifications are multitude, and their court shai'tans are particularly quick-witted...and well paid.

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