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Hidden Treasure

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On his many travels, Lore-master and Wandering Wizard R'rephistch rpherischt has hidden a number of treasures and geo-caches containing the Wealth of Ma, magical items and secret lore of Tormentosa in hallowed and out-of-the-way places. These lie now awaiting hardy adventurers to discover them...

These treasures are gifts to the worthy few who succeed in overcoming the challenge and danger of recovering them. Hidden in secret nooks and crannies that would not be noticed by passers-by, these hidden hoards should nonetheless be within the reach of the wise and the astute among you.

To those who win through, defeating all obstacles to come upon my treasures, I ask humbly that you leave correspondence at with news of your discovery. It will please me greatly to know my carefully placed gifts have been found, but will also notify me that new treasures have to be seeded. You may want to provide photos of you and your discovery, within the exotic locale of the cache. I may well post the best on the adventurers roll on this site.

Additionally, if you feel so inclined (under no obligation), you may desire to follow the international geo-caching convention of leaving treasures of your own in the same cache, as an offering for the next seeker of truth and knowledge (

Well-hidden caches of treasure and adventuring goods in the Realms of Adamastor:

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