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Hither Land

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The Austward regions of the continent of Hithervard upon Aarde, the Hitherlands or the Abzu, is home to the Westfold Sovereignty and other populated countries of the Ever-end of the World.


This vast landmass is commonly known as "the hitherlands" or "Hitherland". The Austward part of the Great Land being known as the Ever-end of the World, Cafrria. By some it is called "Ka", the Land of Birth. In some ancient lays, sung by the bards of Eden, those that still contain vestiges of lost tongues, the Hitherland (or at least it's interior) is occasionally referred to as the Kingdom of Monmotapa, a name that evokes mystery and awe at the hearing.

The Hither Lands are also known to a few (those who's ancestors allegedly came in ancient times from without) as the "Land of South". By these same folk it is often incorrectly referred to as "The Dark Land", a name over which there broils much confusion and often fear.

The wiser lore-masters acknowledge the Dark Land as a different and mythical country far to the aust and east of the Hither Lands, a name of nothing more than rumour and fantasy, but a name they concede nonetheless might once have been used for the Hither Lands itself in times long lost to history.


Hithervard, of which only a small section of the Aust-most countries are populated and properly mapped, straddles the equator of the Aarde, and stretches from far in the nordh, to the very Aust of The Known World. It includes regions of parched desert, high craggy peaks, wide green plains and deep jungle forest. These lands are home to small, divided populations of sentient humanoids.

Major Features

Mountain Ranges




Flora and Fauna

Key Population Centers

A list of larger and well-known places inhabited by the peoples of Aarde:

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Other Major Landmasses

Some folk speak also of The Sundered Land, a large island called the Scar of Madness said to be somewhere in the ocean between Hithervard and the legendary land of Morgard.

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