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<>(~~ TORMENTSA ~~)<>

The Crags of Horror and the Dragonstone

Well met, capable adventurer, honourable seeker of truth and knowledge, to the Ever-end of the World and the dreaded islands of Tormentosa.

Tormentosa is a sprawling multi-media role-playing game world detailed in hand-written books, maps, internet media and art installations.

It is still very much UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Players joining a game already in progress should see the Sneak Preview and read the information for New Players.

Print and Media

Hidden Treasure

Geo-caches, treasure and magical items laying in wait for hardy adventurers to find:

Interesting Links

Websites of people and organizations doing interesting things in the Aust of the World:

Other related role-playing links:


Lore-masters only Spoiler warning

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