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Unlike the changeless, immortal and patient Elves of the East, the races of Man, the Nt, have undergone disruptive cycles of change, growth and diversification, followed by brutal periods of culling and homogenization over the long ages. The blood rushing through the veins of the men-folk west of the Aust, is that distilled through generation after generation of sires who proved masters of adaption to the harsh and changing environment of Aarde.

Ancient myths tell us that man begun with the destruction of the Amarir, the First Men and their high civilization. The last survivor of that cataclysm was Amarava, who wedded Od who some say was a Bjaar-Un slave. Their progeny, the Second Men or Bhntrim repopulated the lands.

The tribes of Bhntr spread over the wide realms of Aarde, splitting into many smaller tribes and clans, some of whom built great ships and departed the land of Hithervard to explore the oceans and lands beyond, or crossed great deserts in nomadic caravans to find the Four Corners of the world, nordh, aust, east and west.

The various and disparate tribes of the Bhntrim under wise leaders of great skill, slowly conquered and tamed all of Aarde.

As they migrated across the lands, the travellers adapted and changed their methods of survival to suit their environments. Their bodies changed as well. From these separate populations many races of men were born to suit that part of the world they inhabited: long-haired, pale skinned men fought mammoths in the tundras of the Lost North, while short-haired, brown-skinned men fought Black-maned Lions on the plains of the Aust. The blood of men was spread wide over the earth as conquests and wars drove their development, economies and cultures. Enormous empires wielded great power over far countries, and then died, leaving another to take up the scepter of power of the Ruler of the Known World?.

The Great Wrath? destroyed all of this, leaving scattered folk across the world, isolated and weak. Over long ages, these small pockets of community have come together, and the remaining bloodlines have mixed considerably, removing much of the racial division that once plagued the nations of old. These people are the Endhro, the most populous of the races of Men.

Other branches of the families of men have walked different paths to get where they are today: Due to their rarity, isolated natures, and the rarity of cross-breeding, Dwarves and Olbytla have long developed mostly independently of the politics of the Endhro and Elves, though in times of difficulty and hardship they often worked together for the common good just as much as they warred with each-other in other times. The same could be said of those elf-like men of mysterious ancestry, the Gnomyn, who sparsely populate the coasts, mountains and deserts of the west.

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