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The Tormentosa campaign setting, and all invented fictional characters, likenesses, imagery and prose text, is, for now, copyright (c) R'rephistch rpherischt 2012 all rights reserved, except for sections placed under the Open Gaming License (OGL) where so stated due to the derivation or inclusion of these parts from OGL-licensed materials (official or third-party), such as the System Reference Document, or instead where content is obviously derived directly from extant public domain mythical stories and concepts. In addition, certain contributions by others (such as those by friends, partners or players, and also licensed works by worldwide content creators using 'open source and free' licensing models), will be marked as required in the places they occur.

My intention once a certain bulk of the Lore of Tormentosa is online and available in reasonably complete form, is to place the majority of non-OGL content under a particular Creative Commons license (to be decided later), and most-likely dual-license it under the OGL as well. In this way the bulk of the core content will be at that point free for anyone to use in their own games, and for the creation of third-party additions, gratis and commercial. Once enough of a baseline is there to guide the development of it's expansion, I hope to bring in more creative people to help me populate the not-quite-imaginary world.

At this current time, feel free of course, to make use of any of this content for your private games.

In some places I have made use of Creative Commons licensed works, particularly photographs, in order to illustrate the text where it refers to real places and things. In making use of these works in this way, I presume the content found on this wiki largely falls under the category of "collection", rather than "derivative work" as defined by the CC licenses, but, not being a lawyer, I may be wrong in this, in which case my application of some Share-Alike-licensed images may be in non-compliant until such time as Tormentosa itself is licensed in reciprocity, or I am contacted by license-holders to take down their products. License-holders, please contact me if you have problems with my applications of your work on this site.

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All content copyright (c) R'rephistch rpherischt 2012 (R), except for sections placed under the Open Gaming License (OGL) where so stated. See Licensing.

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