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New Calendar Of The Aust

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The traditional names for months of the year come from the names of various plants or flowers that grow and seasonal changes at a given period. They are:

  1. June - Silimela? (Month of the Pleiades)
  2. July Eyekhala? / Eyentlava (Month of the Aloes)
  3. August Eyethuva? (Month of the Buds)
  4. September Eyomsintsi? (Month of the coast coral tree)
  5. October Eyedwarha? (Month of the lilypad)
  6. November Eyenkanga? (Month of the small yellow daisies)
  7. December - Eyomnga? (Month of the mimosa thorn tree and Simba)
  8. January Eyomqungu? (Month of the Tambuki Grass)
  9. February Eyomdumba? (Month of the swelling grain)
  10. March Eyoqindla? (Month of the first fruits)
  11. April Utshazi-mpuzi? (Month of the withering pumpkins)
  12. May Ukanzive? (Month of Canopus)

In May, at the end of the year Canopus, a large star is visible in the Aust of the World, signals the time for harvesting.

The feast of first-fruits (uku-tshwama) was formerly, perhaps is still, held in or about the month of Eyomqungu, when the new crops begin to be fit for use. But it sometimes happens that the rains have been late in coming, and consequently there is no 'new food' to be eaten. On such occasions the assembled people intone 'magical songs', which are believed to produce the desired effect -- Aliss of Werner

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