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Oorach Wastes

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A large, barren wasteland covering much of the Ever-end of the World. The Oorach (known also as the Worak) takes the form of an expansive desert basin separating the populated Westfold Sovereignty and the Kingdom of Eden from the unmapped Lost North.

The Oorach is comprised of two major regions, the Lesser Oorach (also called the Borderlands) and the Great Oorach?, an unmapped desert of mesas and buttes.

Many independant Barbarian tribes of live in the borderlands between the Westfold Mountains and the waste proper. The Oorach is home also to the terrible tribes of Izimu, who have taken it's name as "Uhrak?" (Orcs) and Goblins.

It is unknown where the name Oorach derives from, but many think it comes from "Over-wrack" or "Over-wreck".


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