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There are many names for the practitioners of dark magic, among them: Thakathi, Dukn, Nganga and Zindokii. Some too label the Ghi-ten workers of sorcery.

"The man who is a sorceror will not lay down his kaross, even if it is hot, because he knows that the place will not seem hot to him, because he is cold inside. If he puts the kaross down, he will shiver. For the doings of sorcery (Qken-kadiidii) are not easy." * Gnomyn proverb

The Sorceror, or Dukun, is a magic user who invokes the arcane energies of Ilumbo. How they achieve this depends on who you ask. Some say these powerful few are using an inborn charismatic power, that they have discovered and learned to control. Others say they receive their powers in exchange for a deal with dark spirits, or are indeed born of a twisted union of mortal and demon. Casting complicated spells requires a mastery of magical expression only possible with the raw intuitive talent of the Sorceror.

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