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Starting Players

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New players beginning a Tormentosa game from the start of the campaign can use the information below to get a head start building their chosen character. Feel free to discuss with your Master of Ceremonies any issues and options that may arise when integrating your character into the Back-story of the Campaign Setting.

You can begin your campaign by choosing either a pre-generated character, or create a new character from scratch.

Pre-made Player Characters

Use these characters: a bunch of social misfits, party animals, rogues and stowaways first created by the original group of friends who walked the paths of Tormentosa, for quickly launching into a game without the labour of creating characters from scratch:

McKracken's Band has been sent on a secret quest by the Royal Court of the Westfold to investigate the mysterious islands off the coast of the Hitherlands.

Creating a new character from scratch

Creating a character from scratch is a somewhat complicated but very rewarding task, where you can control every nuance of the role you want to play, from the name and class to unique traits and abilities. See Creating a Character.

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