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The Game

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"It is jailers who object most strongly to the idea of escape." - J.R.R Tolkien

Tormentosa is a "table-top" Role-playing Game campaign world: a wide geo-political realm of imagination designed to be explored, investigated, and maybe even irreversibly changed (for better or worse) by it's Players, who act out the roles of the main Characters: brave heroes, roguish ruffians and wizened travellers that form a party of adventurers seeking fame and fortune. Each game session is designed, managed and orchestrated by the Master of Ceremonies or MC, which many game systems call simply the "Game Master".

Tormentosa is not a stand-alone game product, but an imagined world built to act as a stage or setting for a game to be played upon or within. It has been designed to be relatively independent of any particular brand or system of role-playing games or rulesets, but where mechanical expression of a particular place, character, artifact or interaction is required, I have used or referenced rules from the 3.5 edition of the System Reference Document, a specification for a d20 dice-based table-top game available freely online in many locations under the Open Gaming License, and also in hardcover book form from a number of commercial vendors, under various Trade Marks. For others, who enjoy the overall design of the 3.5 system, but find it sometimes gets bogged down in complexities, I can also recommend a streamlined, but still fully compatible system in Justin Alexander's Legends & Labyrinths.

I prefer the 3.5 ruleset (and it's derivatives) because I feel it enables a wide range of game types, pacing, and options, while attempting to abstractly, but intuitively model various physical, social and magical interactions in a coherent way. Nonetheless, my experience with other rule-sets is minimal to none, and every player has their own personal ideals when it comes to rolling dice - you can't please everyone all of the time.

In summary, feel free to ignore any concrete rules or system provided in this book (which make up only a small portion of the contents) and simply make use of the creative material.

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