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Westfold Sovereignty

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The Royal House of the Westfold rules over the Realm of the Westfold Sovereignty under King Ilthor: Thane, Lord, and High Indna of all the Endhro race, who presides over the courts at Dragontail Towers. The governing and maintenance of the land is achieved by the Lords of the Great Houses of the Realm and their vassals.

Royal Decree of the West

The Westfold Sovereignty was sworn into existence hundreds of years ago by the House of Thane and the then-ruling High-council of Lords? .

Shires (divisions) of the Westfold Sovereignty

The realm of the West is divided into regions, called Shires, run as fiefdoms by subject lords under the kingship. The shires are themselves separated into Royal-shires? and Far-shires:

Sorted by socio-political importance:

The Great Houses

The Great Houses of the Realm are the noble tribal families of the Endhro. At the time of the Charter of the Thanes?, the heads of each house were gifted a copy of royal prospectus, The Realm Of The Westfold Sovereignty, a lore-book and reference work containing all the key knowledge required for a Kraal-master to preside over his fiefdom.

Important Characters

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