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Welcome to the realm of Tormentosa, a mythological Role-Playing-Game World by loremaster R'rephistöch Örpherischt.

Once Upon a Time, at the Ever-end of the World in the Seventh Age of Ûn, in a time of dreams, despair and discovery, a chain of mysterious islands is witness to events that will overthrow the Order of the Age.
The Wise have many Great Tales from the continents of the Lost Cold North and the battles that raged there between the Light and the Dark. But there are also tales to be told of the wide and treacherous tracts of the Hitherlands. Tales of strife and hope, war and peace. Tales of ancient peoples and ancient customs. Tales of forgotten histories and a rediscovered past.

"Tormentosa" is the name local inhabitants give to their wide realms of the Aust of the continent of Hitherland. It is a wild and dangerous world of treacherous geography, murderous highwaymen, hideous monsters, powerful lords and mysterious magic that acts as a backdrop for story-telling, fantasy wargaming and table-top roleplay.

Tormentosa is also a long-term art project which will hopefully one day be represented by multiple hand-written books, maps, online media and maybe an installation or two. The campaign is being play-tested by the dedicated band of roguish adventurers lead by the stoic gnomish marine innovator Captain McKracken.

Once a critical mass of digital content is fully developed, I hope to release the majority of it under a free license - something like Creative Commons.

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt