The Ever-end of the World


The core of the world of Tormentosa is allegory and allusion, drawing on inspiration from the history and geography of the real world while acknowleging the artistic works of the Masters - old and new. Tormentosa interprets the hidden stories recalled by the legendary Guardians of Ûmlando to provide a canvas upon which to weave tales of valour and intrigue.

The hand-drawn map seen here is derived from real geography (I leave the reader with the challenge of discovering exactly where on our Aarde the realm is located). The fictional characters and institutions found within these wide tracts of wilderland are often derived from the essence of real personalities, house-hold names, and historical figures. I derive great pleasure in interpreting the history and mythology of my local countryside within the fantastical context of the sword-and-sorcery storytelling of games like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons.

Driven by rumours of lost lore, lust for loot and seeking profit in hidden riches and new-found reputations, hardy adventurers can be found amongst the scattered folk of the Ever-end of the World. Brave warriors and explorers pit their wits and wisdom against the untamed wilds, risking rocky coasts that no-one else dare approach for fear of huge and terrible sea monsters. Elven scouts pad silently through dark tracts of dappled forest, and the descendants of the Dwarves of Dûer endeavour to conquer the towering cliffs and dread peaks of the Great Dragonstone Mountains.

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt