The Players


My adventuring party and I play this greatest of table-top games on the cheap. I've never bought a proper lead miniature, and instead scour the toy shops and junk stores for cool plastic toys that can be spruced up with new paint and extra glued-on details. This generally means we play in a different scale, with a 6-foot character mini, like that of the skillful bard and womaniser Riff Banestrom (here on the left) being about 1.5 to 2 inches tall. All these guys together couldn't have cost more than a single US dollar.

Online wiki-page equivalents of the Book of Beasts will eventually be illustrated by a mix of hand-drawn illustrations and photos of dioramas making use of my menagerie...

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt