The Great Red Wyrm


One of my most recently completed paint-jobs - "The Monster", the collosal Great Red Wyrm that some say kept the evil Watamaraka, Mother of All Demons at bay.
This rubbery plastic toy and it's peers (of which I have several varieties and sizes) are packaged as the awkwardly-named brand "Kingdom of Dinosaur". Grab 'em if you can find 'em. The stock paintwork varies from terrible to "a good start". I've had a lot of fun painting them to match the iconic dragon representations.

Tormentosa is an ongoing project that will hopefully become a significant life-long work. It has already yielded tons of fun and enjoyment, good times with friends around the table, and peaceful weekends painting minis with my girlfriend, Zapa Utu the feisty young sorceress.

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Photograph (c) 2012 R'rephistöch Örpherischt